ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The family of Brendan Burns, the man killed by police in Rochester in March, plans to sue.

That’s according to attorney Nate McMurray.

Police said Burns had been seen driving a vehicle potentially linked to two other shootings. They claim he pulled out a “hunting-style” knife when confronted by officers, threatened deputies, and ran

Video released by police shows officers chasing Burns along sidewalks, across a school parking lot, through yards, and into the backyard of a house on Barrington Street. Police fired at Burns two times during the chase, missing both times.

In the police video from the Barrington Street backyard, Burns can be seen rummaging through a bag, eventually pulling out an item police identified as a shotgun.  In the video, he appears to point the shotgun directly at an officer who demands he drop it. Police open fire.

McMurray announced Tuesday that Burns’ family is requesting “All the body camera footage” be released, claiming only partial footage was provided.

The family is also calling for more compassion, care, and reform within the Rochester Police Department. Mcmurray says the family characterized Burns as a troubled young man going through a difficult time, who was in need of help with his addiction.