ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Spring often brings with it new life, and so far for the falcons that call the Times Square Building in Rochester home that’s been the trend. Early Tuesday morning, at 3:36 a.m. Nova, a peregrine falcon, laid her fourth egg since March 30.

This is Nova’s second clutch of eggs with her partner Neander in the past two years. June Summers, the president of the Genesee Valley Audubon Society says everything is going as expected, right down to the number of eggs.

“That’s a usual number […] I’m hoping she won’t go over that because that’s really hard to feed that many falcons,” said Summers.

It’s certainly a case of quality over quantity atop the times square building and for a good reason. While peregrine falcons are no longer federally endangered they’re still considered at risk in the state

“In New York State they’re still considered endangered,” said Summers.

Part of the goal of the RFalcon camera program, now celebrating 25 years since the original program started atop the Kodak Tower, is to work alongside the NYSDEC in order to boost the population. The incubation time for the eggs is short so we won’t have long to wait before hopefully four new falcons get added to the population. According to Summers, it’s about 30 days.

As the falcons grow and get ready to spread their wings, volunteers called Falcon Watchers will step in to help set the birds up for success.

“When the young eyases start to learn to fly or get to the age where they’re going to start to learn to fly,” said Summers. “These people go down downtown and watch the birds to make sure that they don’t come off the top of the building or out of the nest box too early.”

For information on how to sign up to get involved as a Falcon Watcher or to just tune into the cameras as Nova and Neanders second journey into parenthood continues head over to