ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Officials from across the state gathered in Rochester Monday for a climate justice roundtable.

A variety of concerns were brought forth, ranging from last year’s Buffalo snow storm to the Canadian wildfires which have contributed to poor air quality across the state.

More than 20 organizations were in attendance, reflecting on the needs and risks that are present in this region. They say the climate crisis is a public health emergency that requires a team effort.

“Addressing the climate crisis has to be intersectional has to be collaborative,” State Senator Samra Brouk said. “We have organizations here that are focused on anti-poverty efforts. We have organizations here on transportation. We have organizations that focus clearly just on climate. So by bringing them all to one table we ensure that these solutions are going to help positively impact our communities here in Rochester.”

Participants also discussed the need for investments in lead pipe replacement, tree equity, and other things to ensure that the Rochester community has access to clean air and water.