ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — As the summer months approach, many kids are looking forward to a break from school.

With that in mind, Rochester City leaders presented some of the ways you can keep your kids busy.

But the warmer weather can also lead to an increase in violence; something they’re trying to combat with summer programs.

R-Centers are offering a variety of free activities, like fishing or hiking. Plus, they have sessions with licensed therapists.

‘”This summer I’m pleased to announce, not only will there be a place for physical activity, academic refreshers and social engagement and fun,” Mayor Malik Evans said. “There will also be a place where kids can take care of their mental health and wellness. Which we know is one of the leading issues for young people today.”

If outdoor activities aren’t your thing, the R-Centers will also offer academic programs, such as a reading club.

And these opportunities are not limited to children, Rochester programs also have adult sports, self-defense classes, and educational lessons.