ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Applications have opened for Rochester homeowners looking for financial assistance to make roof repairs, city representatives announced Tuesday. Up to 80 homes in Rochester could receive financial assistance from the city as part of its Owner-Occupant Roofing Program.

Representatives said that eligible homeowners could receive up to $35,000 for a single-family home, and $45,000 for a two-family home. To apply, eligible homeowners can pick up and submit a pre-application by November 18 at their nearest Neighborhood Service Center (NSC).

The addresses and phone numbers for each NSC are as follows:

  • Northeast: 500 Norton Street, 585-428-7660
  • Southeast: 320 N. Goodman Street, Suite 209, 585-428-7640
  • Northwest: 400 Dewey Avenue, 585-428-7620
  • Southwest: 923 Genesee Street, 585-428-7630

Eligibility requirements are as follows:

  • Property must be a one to two family residential unit located in the city of Rochester.
  • Only owner-occupants can apply (You may be ineligible for the program if the deed to the property lists multiple owners who do not reside in the property);
  • Total household income cannot exceed 80% of HUD’s area median income (guidelines change annually);
  • City of Rochester and Monroe County taxes must be current and not subject to foreclosure or if owner is on a tax agreement, owner must be current with payments throughout the entire application process;
  • Property owner must be current on mortgage payments and not subject to foreclosure;
  • Owner-occupants must sign a Program Agreement and Note, and maintain the property as their primary residence for five (5) years.

According to their website, Monroe County’s current HUD median income for the Fiscal Year of 2022 is $91,500 for a family of four. Eligible households will need an annual income under thresholds ranging starting at $50,250 (for a family of one).

Income will be calculated from all occupants over the age off 18, and will include sources such as employment, public assistance, social security, retirement, disability, and unemployment.

Homeowners must currently live in the residence, and must live in the residence for at least five years following completion of the repairs. Funds can be used for roofing repairs or replacement, or roof-related repairs such as gutters, chimneys, roof flashing, soffits, and venting. Detached garage roofs are not eligible.

From the pre-application pool, a drawing will be held the afternoon of November 20 at each of the four NSC offices. Each office will pick 20 pre-applications, and selected property owners will be notified via letter that they have been selected. These homeowners will then be invited to complete the application process to ensure eligibility.

“The City’s Owner-Occupant Roofing Program is a critical resource for our lower-income households as heating costs are expected to significantly increase this winter,” Rochester Mayor Malik Evans stated. “It can be a lifeline for those facing the costly roof replacements and repairs. The City remains committed to strengthening neighborhoods by improving the equitable distribution of assistance and giving working families the support they need.”