ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Buffalo Attorney Nate McMurray has filed a counterclaim against Irondequoit Police Chief Scott Peters over allegations that Peters attended a racist Juneteenth party in Rochester last July.

Chief Peters initially filed a defamation suit against McMurray after the attorney emailed the Irondequoit town board urging them not to hire Peters earlier this year.

Peters denied ever attending the party which made national headlines. The chief sued McMurray for damaging his reputation and causing emotional distress.

Tuesday, McMurray confirmed he has filed a counter lawsuit against Chief Peters.

McMurray represents Jarrod Jones, a Black firefighter who says he was forced to attend the racist Juneteenth party.

McMurray also represents Patrina Freeman, an Irondequoit Board member who was censured for what board members called improper actions.   Freeman previously spoke publicly about alleged mistreatment and discrimination by board members