ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — All Elite Wrestling (AEW) is set to make its Upstate New York debut Wednesday night at Rochester’s Blue Cross Arena.

While local wrestling fans are excited for the show, one of the wrestlers on the roster is not.

AEW’s Maxwell Jacob Freidman, known as MJF, wrote on Twitter Tuesday night: “Just landed. Holy mother of god Rochester has literally nothing going for it.”

The tweet went viral locally, with some agreeing with the wrestler and others offering some insight into Flower City culture, including imagery of garbage plates, Zweigle’s, and more.

Others pointed out popular positives like Wegmans, our museums, popular restaurants and things to do while in town, like Wednesday’s final Food Truck Rodeo of the year. Some simply agreed and called the city “Rottenchester.”

Not quite the reception that comedian Jim Gaffigan received last January when he had a show in Rochester, but we’re a relatively easy population to pander to. If you say a garbage plate is “perfect,” we’re generally pretty receptive.

However you may feel about Rochester, MJF better be careful if he really doesn’t like it here. The last time someone publicly lamented the Flower City, the Red Wings ended up throwing a special themed night for them. Writer Maureen Callahan, who was celebrated for the Wings’ Grim and Depressing night this summer, ultimately changed her tune about the Flower City — maybe MJF will too.

And, of course, the Red Wings noticed the wrestler’s comment too:

Rochester is also the hometown of late professional wrestler Jon Huber, who died last year.

Known as Luke Harper and Brodie Lee during his stints with AEW and World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), Huber was set to make his AEW debut in Rochester last year before the event was canceled due to the pandemic.

AEW, arguably the hottest wrestling company in the world right now, makes its first trip to Rochester’s Blue Cross Arena at 7 p.m. on Wednesday. Tickets are available online.

Beginning Wednesday, the Blue Cross Arena will require guests over 12 years old to provide proof of vaccination for entry. Guests under 12 will be required to wear masks at all times.