ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The Rochester Housing Accountability Coalition is calling for an enhancement to the city’s “Code Blue” policies —emergency procedures for the city’s homeless population in extreme cold conditions.

Advocates say changes could help keep people housed, fed, and clothed for the duration of cold weather events.

Some of those changes include expanded hours for warming centers, better communication of their locations, transportation to bring people to those shelters, and backup locations in case the existing centers reach capacity.

Sister Grace Miller, formerly of the House of Mercy, is calling for elected officials to step up and address the issue.

“We say to the city, to our county, that it is their responsibility to provide shelter to the homeless and those who are outside,” Miller said. “It is their responsibility.”

Monroe County Legislator Carolyn Hoffman echoed the urgency, referencing the recent deadly winter storm in Buffalo.