ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Anti-violence advocates around Monroe County presented some solutions to keep people safe Tuesday — specifically in the 19th Ward.

Caroline Delvecchio Hoffman represents this area in the county legislature. She says this part of the city has been underfunded for years. She spoke about the woman who caught fire in a building on Jefferson Avenue, saying things like that – are preventable.

“It’s true that we’re spending literally millions of dollars in other places when people are literally dying for lack of funding of basic services,” she said. “The building behind me has 115 open code violations and has no record of ever having a certificate of occupancy, and yet this woman was living here. Now its an open investigation, we don’t know why she died.”

Clay Harris of Uniting and Healing through Hope of Monroe County echoed her calls to the legislature – to provide more funding for affordable, safe housing.