ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — As the fate of nationwide abortion rights hangs in the balance as the Supreme Court debates if abortion access should be handed back to states, a rally was held in Rochester by Planned Parenthood Saturday.

There were several activists and political representatives protesting, including Joe Morelle who took the podium to speak. All arguing overturning Roe. vs. Wade will put women’s health in danger and be a major step in government overreach.  

As the protest began, activists took the podium calling this Supreme Court case a war on people in poverty who will be hurt the most if women cannot choose what to do during pregnancy.  

“Especially low-income people who are proportionately people of color will no longer be truly free,” said New York Health Commissioner Dr. Mary Bassett. “Three-quarters of people who use abortion services are low income and the consequences from this case will be the gravest.”  

Rally-goers included medical students who are studying to practice abortion services and argue if laws like these are overturned it will only outlaw safe abortion procedures. Pushing women to self-perform abortions that put their lives in danger. 

“We are here today for those who have died and will lie from coat hangers in schools, bathrooms, bedrooms, and allies,” one medical student in attendance said. “We are here today for those who lose wanted and desperately loved children before they are born, we are here for those whose eggs and up in the wrong place and would kill them if not aborted.”  

If handed back to the state, local elected leaders in attendance vowed to keep abortion access free and open for all New Yorkers. But those with the non-profit Students for Life organization are pushing for different alternatives women can turn to like the “Standing with You Campaign” for counseling, and financial assistance, and be hooked up with people looking to adopt.  

“Pregnancy Help Centers and Maternity Homes and aid programs that would be able to provide these services for women who need financial support, housing, education, even lactation classes,” Kate Maloney with Students for Life said.  

At the state level, local chapters affiliated with Students for Life are calling for the repeal of the Reproductive Health Act. However, since taking office Gov. Kathy Hochul has vowed to uphold the state’s current protections on abortion access.