ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — A Rochester facility is being recognized Thursday for reaching a mega-milestone: 100 years of service. The Rochester Hearing and Speech Center provides hearing, speech, and language services to both children and adults throughout Monroe County.

“It’s pretty amazing as a not-for-profit agency to be able to celebrate a milestone like this, and we’ve really been celebrating it throughout the course of the year in small little chunks,” Bob Russell, President and CEO of RHSC said in a previous interview. “We’ve been very honored to get a lot of recognition from the public and from our local governments that want to help us to celebrate that.”

As Monroe County’s longest-standing provider of hearing health, Russell said they have worked with thousands of people over the years, whether adults or children.

“I tell people, we are only here celebrating because of the public and because of the community that’s been there to support us and needs our services, whether it’s speech, whether it’s hearing, and everything in between,” Russell said. 

Thursday Mayor Malik Evans presented the center with a certificate to mark the occasion and shared the story of a child who struggled with hearing.

“That child was continuing to act out in school. Then he changed and started doing better. Why he was doing that was he had a hearing problem. He couldn’t hear what was going on cause he was sitting in the back of the class and so to get the attention he would act out,” he said. “And I’m sure the RHSC over their 100 years has many stories like that.”

“A lot of the kids that are coming to us, whether it’s for speech therapy, occupational physical therapy, we’re trying to help them get prepared to go into a classroom setting to be able to fully be able to integrate, regardless of what their disabilities are, and we actually have people that started with us as children, coming for services, whether it was for stuttering or some other issues. And now they’re adults who are retired, coming to us for hearing help,” Russell said.