ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Mother’s Day celebrations in Rochester were cast by a shadow of violence as the city saw its 25th homicide and another five injuries after multiple shootings Sunday.

Rochester police responded to a total of seven shooting-related incidents on Mother’s Day. One turned fatal, another resulted in life-threating injuries for a local teen, while four others were left with bullet wounds.

Although separate, the aforementioned crime all occurred within the same day. Authorities voiced their concern for the trend and plead for an end to gun violence.

“It’s Mother’s Day. Someone’s child may not be going home with their mother today,” said Rochester Police Lieutenant Justin Stewart. “It’s tragic, disputes are becoming fatal, I hate to say it but we should not be having five shootings on a Sunday, let alone Mother’s Day.”

Sunday’s violence follows a similar cycle of crime to that of just seven days prior. One week ago, a person was killed, and four others were hospitalized in back-to-back shootings across the city.

According to members of the Rochester Police Department, nearly 100% of Rochester’s shooting incidents are happening on 11% of the city’s street segments. Local leaders and city officials have pointed to “beefs” and other “disputes” as the primary source of gun-related crimes.

Community-led organizations and anti-violence groups are ramping up their efforts to keep people off crime by keeping them busy. Roc the Peace, a grassroots organization, has a youth program that is meeting every month on Friday nights. 

As far as policing solutions go, Rochester police recently announced a partnership with the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office and New York State Police for additional patrol resources in the city.

Officials say the combination of this patrol partnership, along with increased recruitment efforts, is part of a “deliberate and multi-pronged strategy to address the rise of violence in Rochester.”

City leaders warn that violence will only rise unless people cooperate with investigators.

Community activists like Save Rochester organizer Mike Johnson point to fears of retaliation and distrust in the police that stop people from coming forward.

“If you’re someone in the neighborhood and you just tell something that you see, there’s no real protection for those people,” Johnson said. “They don’t trust the police and neighborhoods are very small and close-neck so people know when detectives and knocking on your door.”

Sunday’s most recent shooting victims included two 22-year-old city residents who were hospitalized after a shooting in the area of Fourth Street.

Authorities say officers responded to the Rochester General Hospital around 5:40 p.m. for the report of two walk-in shooting victims. Both suffered at least one gunshot wound each to their lower body.

According to police, the injuries sustained by the victims are non life-threatening at this time. Investigators believe the incident occurred at 243 Fourth Street.

Anyone with additional information on the aforementioned shootings is asked to call 911.

So far there have been 25 homicides in Rochester in 2022. Find a list of community resources here.

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