ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — RG&E customers fought for what they believe is an ongoing crisis on Wednesday.

Those who rallied outside of the company’s customer service building on Clinton Avenue are hoping to get their raising bills resolved.

This comes after customer complaints of some bills reaching to over $12,000. Customers say that taxpayers deserve a fair choice, adding that a way to resolve their issues would be to switch the company to become a public utility.

Union representatives for RG&E workers say that making that switch won’t resolve anything.

“We’re here to say that we cannot continue on with the status-quo and that the government needs to stand with us, City Council and County Legislature to fund this study to stop giving us the run-around, to stop lying and to stop gaslighting the taxpayers,” Metro Justice Volunteer Robert Haggard.

“A public power entity is not going to change the realities of the utility industry here or anywhere else,” Jeff Sondervan with Local 36 International Brotherhood Electrical Workers said. “We’ve looked at it, it’s just not a solution to the problem, and we’re looking for a solution to the problems.”