Editor’s note: Story has been updated to reflect the accurate cost of the proposed study.


ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Monroe County legislators decided they will not allocate $1 million dollars to fund a study that would determine the feasibility of a public utility in RG&E’s place.

The resolution failed in a 12-17 vote Tuesday evening.

In June, Rochester City Council voted to contribute $500,000 to the study, contingent on the county’s involvement.

Members of the social justice group Metro Justice —who rallied ahead of Tuesday’s meeting—say they will again push for action ahead of the county legislature’s December meeting.


ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The Monroe County Legislature is expected to vote on whether or not to fund a study on RG&E being a public utility.

Metro Justice, a grassroots organization in Rochester is calling for the county legislature to put up $1 million towards the study, saying that Rochester residents want a public solution to these issues.

According to Metro Justice, if the legislature agrees to allocate these funds toward the study, the city and the county would form an agreement to commission the study and then vote on the study process.

RG&E criticized the idea of turning the company into a public utility, calling the push a “political agenda” and the accusations “irresponsible.” County Executive Adam Bello also came out against the idea, feeling that spending $1 million toward the study is unwarranted.

Rochester’s City Council put up $500,000 towards the study, with City Council President Miguel Melendez calling out the utility for its customer service and billing issues. RG&E is also in the midst of an expanded investigation by the Public Service Commission, which led to them losing millions in revenue.

The Monroe County Legislature will be making this vote Tuesday evening at 6 p.m., but Metro Justice will be holding a rally before the meeting inside the legislature’s building.