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Which ab workout product is best: the Stealth Core Trainer or the Ab roller?

The midsection of the body often gets the most attention for weight loss goals. This fixation on the midsection has resulted in a plethora of ab machines.

It can become an overwhelming task to choose the right type of equipment knowing that several types of ab workout products are not as effective as they are advertised to be. The Stealth Core Trainer adds a gaming element to the workout, while the Ab Roller offers more flexibility. 

Is the Stealth Core Trainer worth it? 

The Stealth Core Trainer is designed to be used for planking, which is known to be effective in building core strength and endurance. The one problem with planking is that it can get boring. The Stealth Core Trainer solves this problem by allowing users to play games using their phones that can be plugged into the Stealth Core Trainer. The games are available through the Stealth Fitness app. 

Stealth Core Trainer

Users hold the handles on the side of the product and twist and turn their bodies to play the games, which are designed specifically to use movements. These types of turning and twisting movements while in the planking position provide a workout for the abs and oblique muscles of the midsection. Planking also helps strengthen the stabilizer muscles, such as muscles that support the spine. The Stealth Core Trainer comes with 4 free mobile games. 

Stealth Core Trainer pros

  • There are a variety of games available on the Stealth Fitness app. The games are fun, challenging and available on both Android and iOS platforms. The app allows users to choose different types of workouts, including endurance, which lets users carry on for as long as they can. There is also a countdown mode, which allows users to set a timer. 
  • There is no assembly required for this product. Users can just plug in their phone, and it’s ready for use. 

Stealth Core Trainer cons

  • There’s a limited number of free games. Other games can be purchased separately through monthly or annual subscriptions. 
  • Equipment is only designed for planking, which might not be as effective in burning calories compared to other types of ab workout equipment. 
  • It is not travel-friendly. The hefty size and weight of the product do not make it portable for traveling or storage. 
  • Expensive compared to several other ab workout products. 

Is the Ab Roller worth it? 

The Ab Roller, also known as the Ab Wheel, is a simple device with two handles connected to a wheel. When used with proper technique, the Ab Roller is an effective piece of equipment that trains the abs, triceps and lats. The Ab Roller can also be used for cardio by advanced users who are able to perform a large number of reps. Users who are not used to exercising their abs or using the Ab Roller may find it difficult to get started. 

Ab Roller Wheel

The difficulty of using the Ab Roller can be adjusted by changing the technique, but a basic level of fitness will be required to get started. There are different brands of Ab Roller products on the market ranging from cheaper versions to high-end products. One of the best-reviewed Ab Roller products is the Ab Roller Wheel.

Ab Roller pros

  • Most types of Ab Roller products are affordable with prices ranging from $10-$20.
  • The small size and weight of the Ab Roller allows users to take it with them when traveling. Some extra-portable Ab Roller products allow users to remove the handles for compact packing. 
  • By changing the technique, users can target different areas of the midsection and adjust the difficulty level. A full range of motion with the Ab Roller will provide the most intense workout for the midsection. 

Ab roller cons

  • The form required to properly use the Ab Roller needs to be correct, otherwise, it can put excessive pressure on the lower back, which can lead to an injury. People who plan on using this product without supervision or properly learning how to use it are at a greater risk of injury. 
  • Users who are overweight might find it strenuous to use their arms to support their body weight. They might also struggle to balance their weight on the Ab Roller. 

Should you get a Stealth Core Trainer or Ab Roller?

The Stealth Core Trainer offers a new way to keep yourself entertained while working out the core muscles of the body. Users who enjoy playing video games or find exercise to be boring will enjoy using the Stealth Core Trainer. 

The Ab Roller offers more flexibility because changing the form allows users to work out different muscles of the midsection. It also offers flexibility with the ability to change the difficulty level of the workout by using a stricter form or a full range of motion.

At $149, the Stealth Core Trainer is significantly more expensive than the Ab Roller, making it a risky purchase for users on a tight budget. For users who value portability, the Ab Roller is smaller and lighter than the Stealth Core Trainer. Users should keep in mind that the Ab Roller will require some practice and a certain level of fitness to get the best workout from it. 

The gaming feature of the Stealth Core Trainer is an innovative feature and might appeal to some users. It remains uncertain how many users will be able to hold a plank position for long enough to enjoy playing the games. The Ab Roller is a better product based on price, portability and flexibility compared to the Stealth Core Trainer. Unless you are a big fan of the games available on the Stealth Fitness App, you should buy the Ab Roller. 


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