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Which Kizik shoes are best?

Whether you struggle with tying your sneakers or simply don’t like doing it, Kizik shoes provide an excellent solution. They look and feel like regular lace-up footwear but have patented spring heels that let you swiftly step into them without forcing you to bend and pull them on or tie laces with each wear. 

The top designs sport contemporary styles that maintain a casual aesthetic. The Kizik Unisex The Prague Slip-On Sneakers are a top choice because they have a versatile design made from breathable canvas, and they’re built for all-day comfort.

What to know before you buy Kizik shoes

About Kizik shoes

Founded in 2017 in Utah, Kizik makes sneakers you tie when you first take them out of the box, then use hands-free. You don’t need to pull them on, and the patented back lets you step into them without crushing or folding the heel. 

Kizik makes designs for men, women and children. It also carries unisex models that list both men’s and women’s sizes to ensure a perfect fit. Each style boasts quality upper material, such as canvas, full-grain leather and durable knits. The insoles support your feet, and the outsoles and springy, durable and comfortable.

Heel styles on Kizik shoes

Kizik shoes have three patented touch-free step-on-heel designs that blend in with the shoe and feel comfortable on your heel. 

  • Cage: This is Kizik’s original model and is visible from the shoe’s exterior. It compresses when you step into the shoe and springs back with a soft, flexible feel that supports your every step. 
  • Enclosed Cage: This is similar to the original Cage design and gives you the same benefits, but it’s hidden under the shoe’s material. 
  • Flex Arc: This thin, comfortable arc design stays hidden behind the sneakers’ upper material. It springs back into place once you step into your shoes.

Kizik’s upper fabric designs

Your sneakers‘ material makes a big difference in their overall look, and each of Kizik’s five primary styles sports a different fabric upper for you to consider. 

  • Prague: This design is made from canvas with suede accents. 
  • Athens: This is made from a breathable knit. 
  • Lima: This style gives you extra-breathable knit uppers with enhanced ankle padding and a roomy toe box. 
  • Madrid Eco-Knit: This sustainable knit is made from recycled plastic bottles and gives you a four-way stretch.
  • Vegas: This style is made with full-grain leather uppers.

What to look for in quality Kizik shoes

Comfortable insoles

Footbeds made from supportive foam help you avoid foot, joint and ligament injuries by evenly distributing each step’s impact throughout your foot. Some of Kizik’s best designs have breathable, high-density insoles that give you a contoured fit for added comfort. They’re also removable and washable.

Traction outsoles

Texture and designs on your shoes’ outsoles increase traction to prevent you from slipping on wet surfaces. Some of Kizik’s best designs come with traction pods on the shoes’ bottoms in the toes and heels to increase grip and keep you on your feet.

Durable outsoles

The quality of your shoes’ outsoles makes a big difference in your comfort throughout the day. When they start to deteriorate, they give you less and less support. Some Kizik shoes are made with proprietary Rabbit Foam outsoles, spring-tested 30,000 times to ensure durability and comfort throughout the shoe’s life.

How much you can expect to spend on Kizik shoes

Depending on the material and design, you can expect to pay $99-$130. 

Kizik shoes FAQ

What socks should you wear with your low-top shoes?

A. Consider thin knit socks that form to your feet, since thick, bulky socks might bunch up when you slip these shoes on and off.

How can you keep your shoes smelling fresh?

A. Wash your insoles in the washing machine and lay them flat to dry. If you need to freshen up other parts of your shoes, consider a deodorizing shoe spray that kills odor-causing germs and bacteria.

What are the best Kizik shoes to buy?

Top Kizik shoes

Best Kizik Unisex The Prague Slip-On Sneakers

Kizik Unisex The Prague Slip-On Sneakers

What you need to know: These fashionable yet versatile sneakers come in two neutral hues that go with anything and have sleek Flex Arc heels.

What you’ll love: These shoes have stylish canvas uppers with suede accents and a lace-up front for a custom fit from your first tie forward. They come with durable Rabbit Foam outsoles with enhanced traction to prevent slipping on wet surfaces and comfortable footbeds.

What you should consider: Some reviewers said they run a little small and suggested sizing up.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Kizik shoes for the money

Best Kizik Unisex The Madrid Eco-Knit Slip-On Sneakers

Kizik Unisex The Madrid Eco-Knit Slip-On Sneakers

What you need to know: These comfortable shoes have an Enclosed Cage heel design, come in four colors and are ideal for a stylish, casual look.

What you’ll love: These unisex slip-on sneakers come with a lace-up front. The durable upper knit material is made from environmentally friendly recycled plastic bottles with a four-way stretch for comfort. The foam inserts support your foot, and rubber outsoles decrease the impact of each step.

What you should consider: Some people reported that their shoelaces occasionally come untied.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Best Kizik Unisex Vegas Slip-On Sneakers

Kizik Unisex Vegas Slip-On Sneakers

What you need to know: These casual but comfortable shoes have a classic, clean design with full-grain leather uppers and Flex Arc heels.

What you’ll love: These are comfortable right out of the box with patented Rabbit Foam outsoles that cushion each step and foam insoles that support your foot. They have a tie-up front with a step-in design and a timeless cognac hue that goes with everything. 

What you should consider: Some reviewers mentioned that wearing bulky socks with these shoes makes slipping them on and off harder and suggested wearing them with thin socks. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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