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Yes, you can use your Dyson on your dog — plus, more ways to curb pet hair


When it comes to grooming your pet and handling the shedding hair, it’s a dog-eat-dog world. Plenty of pets despise being groomed and it’s not exactly a walk in the park for pet parents, either.

Over the years, Dyson vacuums have developed a cult-like following among pet owners, thanks to their reputation for picking up furballs and tumbleweeds of pet hair. So it should come as no surprise that pet lovers are enthusiastic about the newly launched Dyson Pet Grooming Kit. By trapping loose fur before it has the chance to be shed, the kit makes grooming easier and leaves your pet looking professionally groomed.

How to use the Dyson grooming tool

You can curb the shedding before it sticks to surfaces by attaching the Dyson Pet Grooming Kit directly to a vacuum and brush your dog (or cat) directly. The attachment sucks up any loose fur, dead skin and other allergens, reducing the amount of pet hair that sticks to the carpet, clothes, or couch.

But Dyson isn’t the only way to effectively groom. There are other pet-grooming products that run with the big dogs, too.

Best pet grooming products

Best Dyson Pet Grooming Kit

Dyson Pet Grooming Kit

This is by far and away the easiest pet grooming tool to use. It attaches to your regular vacuum so that instead of vacuuming hair off the floor, you can vacuum your pet. It’s like brushing them normally — but without the mess. To clean up, release the trigger and the hair automatically disappears into the vacuum’s dust canister.

Sold by Amazon and  Dyson

Bissell BarkBath

Bissell BarkBath Dual Use Portable Dog Bath and Deep Cleaning System

This is another way to attack your pet’s hair before it falls off. In addition to grooming your pet, the BarkBath bathes them, too. And it’s portable, so you can conveniently use it anywhere in your house with little to no mess. Suitable for dogs up to 80 pounds, the BarkBath uses 68 ounces of water, as opposed to bathing a pet in the bathtub, which can use up to 19 gallons. And it doubles as a carpet and upholstery cleaner.

Sold by Amazon

Best Aquapaw Shower Sprayer

Aquapaw Shower Sprayer 

This grooming tool attaches to your regular shower head or outdoor hose, turning anything with a water supply into a portable shower station. The brush part has silicone bristles and you can wear it on your hand almost like a glove. That way, you can control the amount of water used while also keeping splashing to a minimum.

Sold by Amazon

The Furminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool

The Furminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool

This deshedding tool looks like a brush, but it’s designed to de-shed, meaning that it effectively reaches through topcoat hair to remove hair from the undercoats of double-coated dogs. It should still be used in tandem with a regular pet brush, but this tool gets to the hair that typical brushes can’t. It also features a “furjector” button, which upon being pushed, releases hair with ease, hands-free.

Sold by Amazon

Tineco Pure One S15 Pet Smart Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Tineco Pure One S15 Pet Smart Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Comparable to similar models of Dyson vacuums, this makes pet hair cleanup simple. Its inner brush is designed to target tangled pet hair, trapping each one without wrapping them around the brush, making for easier cleanup. Quiet and lightweight, it also adjusts suction power to the amount of soil detected, so if it detects a heavy-duty hairball, it automatically turns up its power. 

Sold by Amazon

Best Kkimatt 10 in 1 Pet Grooming Hammock Harness

Kkimatt 10 in 1 Pet Grooming Hammock Harness

This pet grooming hammock harness provides a grooming experience that usually only professionals can give. It stabilizes your pet, holding them airborne in a sling while you clip, brush and file. Its S-shaped hooks and durable metal carabiners are sturdy enough to hold your pet’s weight (so long as you get the correct-sized harness). It also includes a nail clipper with a safety block, a nail file and a double-row pet comb for de-shedding.

Sold by Amazon

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