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Which pet grooming wipes are best?

Our pets bring us hours of entertainment and enjoyment. Unfortunately, they also bring us dirt, dander, debris and odor. Even indoor pets need some help in the grooming department occasionally. For your pet’s health and your home’s cleanliness, it’s important to keep your pets clean, but there are times when a full bath isn’t possible. The best pet grooming wipes can help.

If your canine best friend needs a safe and effective quick wipe down or a full-body cleaning, Nature’s Miracle Deodorizing Spring Water Wipes are perfect.

What to know before you buy pet grooming wipes

Type of pet

Although some pet grooming wipes are suitable for all types of pets, others are not safe for every animal. This may be due to ingredients that might work well for one animal but not another. Read labels carefully to make sure the wipe you choose is safe for your type of pet.

Age of the pet

Puppies and kittens require special consideration when it comes to pet grooming wipes. Their immune systems are not fully formed, and ingredients that might be safe for older dogs and cats can cause sickness in their younger counterparts.

Cleaning needs

If your pampered indoor pooch goes outside infrequently and just needs the occasional pet wipe, you’ll be looking for a different product than the outdoor dog that requires full-body dunking once a week.

Wipes used for cleaning paws may be smaller and thinner than those recommended for full baths.

What to look for in quality pet grooming wipes

Safety first

The first and main criteria for quality pet grooming wipes is safety. They should be clearly labeled as non-toxic. Wipes should not contain:

  • Synthetic dyes.
  • Phthalates.
  • Sulfates.
  • Alcohol.


If you or your pet are sensitive to fragrances, look for fragrance-free options. Some fragrant wipes may also irritate the skin, so if your pet is particularly sensitive, skip the added smells.

Dual purpose

If you have a long-haired pet who resists all attempts at grooming, a dual-purpose wipe that cleans and conditions is your best choice. This is also important if you use wipes as your primary method of bathing.

Large size

Wiping down large-breed dogs with a wipe the size of an index card is challenging. You need a generously sized wipe to cover a lot of ground at once. Large wipes for big jobs are also more economical, as you won’t need to use an entire pack in one session.

Convenient package

A great place to stash pet grooming wipes is in the car. This way, you can wipe their paws after a trip to the dog park and keep your car clean. Convenient packaging that seals tightly and is smaller makes these more portable and convenient.


Because you should never flush wipes of any kind, it’s important that your pet wipes are compostable. This is an environmentally friendly choice that reduces waste in landfills.

How much you can expect to spend on pet grooming wipes

Pet grooming wipes are an affordable bath alternative. The price is relatively stable across all brands, so you can expect to spend $12 to $15 for a pack of 100 wipes.

Pet grooming wipes FAQ

Why do you need pet grooming wipes?

A. Keeping your pets clean is not just about how they look. It also affects their health. But because frequent baths can strip the hair coat of oils that benefit the skin, it is a good idea to save the full-body scrubbing for when it’s really necessary and use wipes for spot cleaning.

Wipes are also good for:

  • Older cats that aren’t able to clean themselves.
  • Pets with allergies.
  • Pets with congenitally weepy eyes or runny nose.
  • Dogs and cats in season.
  • Animals with incontinence issues.
  • Cleaning salt and snow off paws in winter.
  • Cleaning cats that are not good with baths.

Are there specialized pet wipes for different areas of the body?

A. Yes. While the most common pet wipes are perfect for overall grooming, specialized wipes are formulated for specific areas of the body or cleaning tasks, including:

  • Ear wipes.
  • Eye wipes.
  • Dental wipes.
  • Anal gland wipes.

What are the best pet grooming wipes to buy?

Top pet grooming wipes

best Nature's Miracle Deodorizing Spring Water Wipes

Nature’s Miracle Deodorizing Spring Water Wipes

What you need to know: These alcohol-free wipes are good for everything from quick touch-ups to whole-body grooming.

What you’ll love: They remove dirt, dander and odor. The formula is gentle enough to use every day. They come in a mild honey sage fragrance, in packs of 25, 100 and 900.

What you should consider: These are only suitable for dogs, so if your household includes cats you’ll need to keep looking.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top pet grooming wipes for the money

best Petkin Paw Wipes Plus

Petkin Paw Wipes Plus

What you need to know: These are a great solution for indoor-outdoor cats and dogs that come in with muddy, messy feet.

What you’ll love: Nontoxic wipes are perfect for keeping puppy and kitten paws clean. They are safe enough to use every day. Veterinarians approve of their vitamin E, aloe and lanolin formula. They come in packs of 100 and  200.

What you should consider: Some pet owners found them dry and had to add water to make them effective.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

best Earthbath Hypoallergenic Grooming Wipes

Earthbath Hypoallergenic Grooming Wipes

What you need to know: These dispense easily to remove all manner of dander and dirt from your pet.

What you’ll love: The mild cleansers in this wipe are safe for all animals over 6 weeks old. The swipe has no soap, gluten, parabens, synthetic dyes, sulfates or phthalates. It is certified cruelty-free. It comes with a money-back guarantee.

What you should consider: The container does not seal tightly enough to keep wipes moist, but a little water helps them work.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 

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