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Which cordless dog clippers are best?

Keeping your pup clipped and tidy goes deeper than just making them look good. Clipping your dog regularly helps them stay comfortable in hot weather and cleaner when the days turn muddy. Additionally, regular grooming sessions allow you to monitor the health of your dog’s skin, identifying any hot spots or itchy flare-ups for treatment before they get out of hand.

If you clip multiple dogs or are looking for more versatility in your grooming tools, Wahl Lithium Ion Pro Series Cordless Animal Clippers are a top choice.

What to know before you buy cordless dog clippers


Dog clippers are designed to trim your dog efficiently, but there is more than one way to get there. Single-speed clippers are easier to manage, especially if you are new to clipping your dog. These are also lighter, which can make a big difference when clipping a Saint Bernard.

Variable speed clippers are available in two to five speeds. These allow the groomer to tailor the speed to the type of hair. Thick hair or hair that is knotted, matted or tangled needs a different speed than the delicate hair around a dog’s eyes and muzzle.

Type of blade

There are three types of blades to choose from, each with distinct advantages (and disadvantages).

  • Finish cut: These are best for trimming and touching up between full grooming sessions.
  • Wide T: Choose these when giving dogs a complete shave, especially large dogs or dogs with double coats.
  • Skip-tooth: Use these blades for trimming and shaping before the dog has been washed.  

Blade material

The two primary blade materials are stainless steel and ceramic. Both types of blades are durable, but ceramic blades tend to maintain their edge longer. 

Some cordless dog clippers have chrome blades with antifungal properties, but these are not common.

What to look for in quality cordless dog clippers

Long battery life

The last thing you want is your battery to die when your dog is only halfway clipped. Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries are common, but they can vary in run time. Batteries with a minimum of 90 minutes of run-time are best, but you’ll need more than that for large dogs or fine details.

Quiet operation

Some dogs are skittish when it comes to clippers, especially in the sensitive areas around their eyes, ears and muzzle. The quieter the clipper, the better; keep the sound in the 50-60 decibel range (about the loudness of a quiet, steady rain).


Accessories can help you trim your dog like a pro and keep your clipper sharp. These might include:

  • Multiple blades
  • Combs
  • Scissors
  • Nail trimmers
  • Blade oil
  • Blade brush
  • Blade guards

Comfortable grip

A comfortable grip may not seem important when you’re knocking some hair off a toy poodle, but you’ll notice the difference by the end of trimming a double-coated Husky. Look for a grip that is easy to hold and secure. This also prevents the clippers from slipping out of your hand as you groom.

How much you can expect to spend on cordless dog clippers

Cordless dog clippers generally cost a little more than their corded counterparts, but you can get a high-quality set for $30-$100.

Cordless dog clippers FAQ

How do you get the best clip?

A. Before you think of clipping your dog, read the manufacturer’s directions for safe use and operation.

Once you’re comfortable with your new clippers, it’s time to get your dog comfortable. Turn the clippers on nearby without putting them on the dog’s body. After a while, your dog may get curious and investigate. Let them get used to the sound before placing them on the body to feel the vibration. This does not take long for most dogs, but it’s a crucial step.

For a great trim:

  • Wash and brush your dog, removing any tangles and mats. Make sure they are dry before you start clipping.
  • Make sure your clipper blades are sharp.
  • Have a plan for clipping, and use smooth, even strokes.
  • For long grooming sessions, ensure the blades are not getting hot (and take breaks if they are).
  • Oil your clipper blades during long grooming sessions to keep them sharp.

How do you care for clippers?

A. As always, follow the manufacturer’s directions for care.

In general, clean your clipper blades after each use, removing dog hair and oiling the blade before putting them away. If you have a blade guard, use it to protect the blade from dings or chips. 

Can you use hair clippers for people on a dog?

A. Generally, no. Human hair clippers are designed for less hair and can get hot when used on dogs. Their blades also may not be able to handle coarse dog hair.

What are the best cordless dog clippers to buy?

Top cordless dog clippers

Best Wahl Lithium Ion Pro Series Cordless Animal Clippers

Wahl Lithium Ion Pro Series Cordless Animal Clippers

What you need to know: This versatile set of clippers handles all coat types, up to a double coat.

What you’ll love: It’s great for small and large dogs. It has a two-hour run time, so you don’t need to worry about frequent recharging. It comes with four guides to achieve varying coat lengths.

What you should consider: The vibrations through the clippers are pretty strong.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top cordless dog clippers for the money

Enjoy Pet Dog Clippers

Enjoy Pet Dog Clippers

What you need to know: It’s got a long-lasting battery for whole-body trims and clips.

What you’ll love: This kit has five adjustable guards and a quiet motor that keeps dogs calm. The sharp blade is washable, and the battery holds a charge for up to 7 hours.

What you should consider: The blade needs to be cleaned regularly during trims to prevent clogging.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Pet Union Professional Dog Grooming Kit

Pet Union Professional Dog Grooming Kit

What you need to know: This is a complete starter kit at a great price.

What you’ll love: This kit includes everything you need to trim a dog, including scissors, nail trimmers, comb guards, blade oil and a cleaning brush. The battery is rechargeable, and the clippers are quiet.

What you should consider: The blades dull faster than other options, which does not work well with thicker coats.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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