Which linen sheets are best?

If you want quality sheets that are durable and made to last, try a set of linen sheets. If properly taken care of, they can last you for years. Linen sheets may be more expensive than cotton and other popular materials, but you get what you pay for. Simple & Opulence 100% Washed Linen Sheet Set are soft, machine-washable and available in a wide variety of colors.

What to know before you buy linen sheets

Benefits of linen

Not only do linen sheets last longer, they have many other benefits that can help you get a great night’s sleep, including:

  • Durability: Linen is one of the world’s most durable fibers, which makes it much stronger than cotton. 
  • No pilling: Since the natural fibers are longer, you don’t have to worry about pilling. 
  • Breathability: Linen naturally wicks away moisture, which can increase airflow. 
  • Hypoallergenic: Linen sheets are soft and great for your skin, especially if you’re someone who suffers from allergies.   
  • Environmentally friendly: Linen is an all-natural and biodegradable fabric. 

Thread count

Linen fibers are made from the flax plant, which is naturally thicker than cotton. This means you should look for a thread count from 80-150 (which would be low for typical cotton bed sheets, where a higher thread count might mean better quality). In the end, the weight of the linen is more important than the thread count. 

Washing instructions

It’s best to use mild detergent and wash in cold water. Always wash in the gentle cycle, and try to use as much water as possible, so the sheets have room in the machine. Never use bleach because it will deteriorate the fibers. 

It’s recommended to wash your linen sheets every 1-2 weeks. If done properly, the added benefit is that they’ll become softer, because washing helps to break down the pectin that binds the fibers. 

What to look for in quality linen sheets

Color and size

Linen sheets are available in multiple colors for twin, full, queen, king and California king mattresses. This doesn’t mean every style and color is available in the size you need. For example, solid neutral colors are much easier to come by than certain designs and prints, but you should have no problem finding a set of linen sheets to fit your needs. 

Deep-pocket sheets

Just because you’ve purchased the right set of sheets for your mattress size doesn’t mean they’re the best fit for you.

Many forget about mattress depth when purchasing sheets. If your mattress is over 16 inches thick, look into purchasing deep pocket sheets so they’ll fit snugly around the corners and not pull loose. 

How much you can expect to spend on linen sheets

Linen sheets can be significantly more expensive than sheets made from other materials — they can run from $75-$250. Pricing varies based on the size of the mattress and whether the sheets are purchased as an individual item or as part of a set.

Linen sheets FAQ

How can I get my linen sheets to soften more quickly?

A. The more often you wash your linen sheets, the quicker they’ll begin to soften up. If you don’t want to wait for multiple wash cycles, you can try soaking your sheets in baking soda for 24-48 hours before putting them in the washing machine. The more baking soda you use, the stronger the effect. 

Can I put linen sheets in the dryer?

A. No. Don’t put your linen sheets in the dryer or have them dry cleaned. The heat will weaken the weave in the fabric and cause it to break down. Over time, the weakening of the fabric can cause rips and tears, so it’s best to hang dry linen sheets.

What are the best linen sheets to buy?

Top linen sheets

Simple & Opulence 100% Washed Linen Sheet Set

Simple & Opulence 100% Washed Linen Sheet Set

What you need to know: These 100% pure linen sheets have been stonewashed for ultimate comfort and health benefits.

What you’ll love: Consider this incredible sheet set as an investment for your bedroom. They’re made from durable and high-quality materials that launder well and are made to last. Both the flat sheet and the pillowcases are beautifully decorated with simple and elegant embroidery.

What you should consider: Some customers mentioned that the material feels a little rough to the touch at first, but it softens after a few machine washes.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top linen sheets for the money

King Linens 100 Linen Fitted Sheet

King Linens 100% Linen Fitted Sheet

What you need to know: This fitted lined sheet is not only light and breathable but also budget-friendly. 

What you’ll love: This sheet comes prewashed, so it’s incredibly soft and comfortable as soon as you put it on your bed. With the unique ability to help you feel cool in warm weather and retain heat during the cold months, the natural fiber can help you get a great night’s sleep year-round.

What you should consider: Customers have mentioned that the full-size sheet is tight on a full-size mattress. This is only a fitted sheet; nothing else is included.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

S Victory Symbol Linen Bedding Sheet Set

S Victory Symbol 100% Linen Sheet Set

What you need to know: This sheet set is 100% organic, natural French linen. It comes in a vast number of lush colors, so you can find just the right one to make your bedroom pop.

What you’ll love: These sheets are breathable, eco-friendly and ideal for sensitive skin. They also have deep pockets, so they can accommodate mattresses up to 16 inches thick. They were designed so you can easily put them on and not have to worry about them slipping off throughout the night.

What you should consider: Each sheet can have a slight variation in color due to the spinning and weaving process.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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