GREECE, NY (WROC) — If you use modern electronic devices, no doubt many of them are powered by lithium-ion batteries.

“Popular, popular battery now because of their qualities of (being) easy to recharge and high-energy dissipation,” said Battalion Chief Brian Gebo with the Ridge Road Fire District.

Gebo said you can find them everywhere. “Your cell phones, e-cigarettes, scooters, and right down to our vehicles.”

Gebo said they even use the batteries here in-house for a bunch of life-saving gear. 

“The jaws of life to the radios that the firefighters use inside of a fire,” he said.

And the batteries are all good — unless — you don’t use them properly. 

“Until they get damaged, hit, impacted, improperly charged, improperly stored, buying after-market stuff that’s not compatible with it, so overcharging and then they get the excessive heat,” he said.

And that can lead to damage, battery leakage, and fires. Gebo when charging your devices, avoid certain spots. 

“Pillows, blankets, sofas, even down to your charging cord, and making sure the charging block that goes in the wall is compatible,” he said.

Gebo said with your devices and batteries, do a daily check to make sure all is in working order. Gebo wants to hit this point home — again.

“Don’t charge anything underneath your pillows or any kind of bedding or blankets,” he said.

If your battery is leaking, Gebo said do not throw it in the trash — that can lead to a fire. Take it instead to the Monroe County Eco Park for safe recycling.