ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Have you considered an electric vehicle on your recent test drive?

As more people make the switch to electric vehicles, a recent study from iSeeCars identified the top five most driven vehicles in Rochester:

  • Tesla Model 3
  • Tesla Model Y
  • Chevrolet Bolt EV
  • Hyundai Ioniq Electric
  • Nissan LEAF

According to iSeeCars, the average three-year-old electric vehicle in Rochester is driven 9,234 miles per year. They add that gas-powered vehicles are driven 11,091 miles per year, meaning EVs are driven 16.7% less than gasoline cars in the area.

Rochester Auto Dealers Association President Brad McAreavy says there are multiple factors that have led people toward switching to electric vehicles.

“There’s more models in the market,” McAreavy said. “Manufacturers are developing more products. So now it’s not just cars, we have SUVs, we have trucks. [Manufacturers are] reaching a wider audience of people for consideration.”

McAreavy adds that “range anxiety” is an industry term used to describe drivers who are hesitant to make the switch due to not enough charging stations in the area. He says that Rochester is “improving,” with new installations of charging stations and area dealerships putting them into their facilities.

In April 2023, Governor Kathy Hochul announced over $8.3 million will be given to 70 municipalities statewide to install electric vehicle charging stations, with $1 million allotted to the Finger Lakes.

“There are improvements in advancements in the infrastructure, meaning the charging networks that are out there so that people can feel more comfortable. ‘Range anxiety’ is ‘I want to make sure always charge my car,'” McAreavy said. “So as the state and other companies develop charging networks, people feel more comfortable that they’re going to be able to buy an electric vehicle and get it charged.”

While new charging stations are being installed in the area, McAreavy says advances in battery technology allow for batteries to hold a longer charge and charge quicker. He adds that those who are concerned about climate can aid the situation by driving an electric vehicle.

Earlier this year, the IRS announced a Clean Vehicle Tax Credit, which gives drivers up to $7,500 after they buy certain electric vehicles.

McAreavy says incentives like these are encouraging drivers to make the switch.

To see the national study from iSeeCars, click here.