April 01 2023 06:00 pm
     Renewable Rochester is a member of the Viola family of companies based in Webster, New York. Since 1988, we have been leading the way with quality and commitment to our customers in and around the Rochester, New York area.
     In 1956, Cosmo Viola started a tradition of quality standards in the Rochester, New York area. His vision for new and innovative ideas allowed him to build what most people thought could not be accomplished. His pride and success has carried down through his entire family. One of his sons, Daniel Viola is now the President of Viola Homes, and Renewable Rochester, and he continues with his father’s ideas. Dan believes in being a true craftsman who finishes every project with pride!
     Renewable Rochester continues this legacy and provides consulting services, Solar PV installations, Wind Energy systems, and specialty RE products for on-grid, off-grid and energy savings. Our vision is to provide Renewable Energy solutions and services with an honest and professional approach. For over 20 years, our reputation of quality stands behind every product and service we sell and install. Your system is our system, and we are proud of our results! Dan Viola, President, is a LEED AP professional who, in collaboration with Viola Storage, has designed and project managed new home construction and commercial building development. He and his family have worked closely together to make the Viola Group a success for future generations!
     Shawn Lessord, Director of Operations, is a true solar pioneer. Shawn has been in the solar industry for over ten years and has designed hundreds of quality solar and wind systems in the upstate regions of New York, throughout Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse and beyond. He is a dedicated part of the renewable energy industry and takes pride in every system he designs and installs. He believes, “Solar energy, it’s the right thing to do!”.
     Renewable Rochester is one of the most qualified Solar Contractors in the Rochester, New York area with over 10 years of experience in renewable energy design and services.
     Renewable Rochester is a full-service renewable energy company with years of quality experience in the Rochester, New York Community. Our professional approach makes Renewable Rochester solar installations an experience of a lifetime, one that you will enjoy!

How Does Solar Work?

     How does solar electric work? Simply put, solar PV panels convert sunlight into DC electricity. The DC electricity is then converted into AC electricity using an inverter. The AC electric is then distributed throughout your home or business. During times of low energy demand and lots of sun, these systems sell electric power back to the utility grid.
     To the right a typical solar power system and the components you will find is depicted. When the sun hits the modules, they produce energy. Turning light into DC is the photovoltaic process. Several solar cells are put together to make a solar panel or module. When you put many solar panels together, it’s a solar array which can generate enough energy to provide power for a home or community.

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