Remarkable Women: Dr. Nancy Filiaci

Remarkable Women

We are continuing to honor remarkable women throughout the month of March. Meet one local doctor who goes out of her way to help those who need it most.

I can not say enough about Dr. Filiaci and the Rochester animal clinic. Behind me are some of her patients. A feral cat colony I found on my property last fall.”

Kimberly Strauss is one of many thankful for the generosity of Dr. Nancy Filiaci. She’s a veterinarian known for helping animals whos owners can’t afford costly procedures.

“She has spayed and neutered approximately 28 of our cats and we still have a few left to go.”

Gino Filiaci says his Mom doesn’t ask for recognition but deserves it.

“Well first her job is to give back to the community. I was at her clinic and she was doing surgeries that other clinics would charge hundreds or thousands of dollars and they were charging one dollar!”

“My mom has done over 25,000 surgeries for those types of people in our community.”

She’s also known for her community service, activism and volunteering through schools and local animal shelters

“You get some incredibly good feelings from helping others. The things that you do in life that you should be the proudest of shouldn’t always be or almost never should be about should be about helping others.”

For years, she’s balanced long hours working and volunteering all while raising three kids.

“When we have something that’s important to us she will make time to make it important to her as well.”

He said his Mom is always there for him and anyone else who needs her.

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