ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Rochester Mayor Malik Evans announced the grand opening of a new smash room venue on East Avenue Thursday.

It’s called Recreo. Owners say customers can order a drink and take out their frustrations by smashing old electronics.

The new venue is a combination of a bar and a smash room. Officials said cocktail service, food, skeeball leagues, game nights, and live music are also part of the experience.

Officials said customers at the venue can sign up to enter the smash room and smash old electronics while drinking beverages — with appropriate protections.

Mayor Evans attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony and provided the new owners with a plaque to celebrate the opening.

“When somebody opens up a business in the city, that means that they are taking a chance on the city. They’re making an investment in the city saying hey you know what — I’m going to be here in the east end. Not only am I going to just come and shop here — live here — but I’m going to set up a business.”

This entertainment center is located at 350 East Avenue and operates from 4 to 10 p.m. Monday to Thursday, and 4 to 12 p.m. Friday through Saturday.

For more information on when skeeball leagues start, make a smash room appointment or get a closer look into its cocktail offerings, visit the business website.