Puerto Rico Recovery: Yauco residents lost homes

Puerto Rico Recovery

Editor’s note: News 8 reporter Josh Navarro went to Puerto Rico to see the earthquake recovery efforts firsthand.

YAUCO, PUERTO RICO (WROC) — Many homes in the town of Yauco in the southern part of Puerto Rico have collapsed, people are now living in tents in local parks, cars have been crushed by debris — that’s the scene of the Puerto Rican village of Yauco after multiple earthquakes hit the island last month.

“How this was — it was like a night of terror, just horrible,” Marisol Santiago said remembering January 6, when the ground shook around her neighborhood — known as Los Cafetales.

“I waited until all the things fell inside my home and then ran outside with my kids.”

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The house next to Santiago’s collapsed with people inside and her neighbors called 911 while hearing the screams for help.

John Michael Santos and his family lives in the now collapsed home.

“I felt the house collapse, jumped out of bed and fell again and hit my head.” Santos said he didn’t realize that the house was tilted. He tried to get his family out safety, but had to get the assistance from neighbors who brought a ladder.

Outside his home — there was debris everywhere. Other homes on the block looked similar and families are now resorting to spending their nights in tents in the local park.

Clothes are hanging outside under the trees and children still play while their parents prepare meals in the open air.

Santos said thank you for all the donations sent from Rochester. Because of those donations, they have been able to survive outside of their homes.

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Santiago shared the same sentiment of the entire neighborhood — thankful for the relief efforts they received so far.

But there is a long road to recovery ahead.

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