ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Primetime 585 and Wegmans teamed up to give away 100 new sneakers at School #9.

The kids receiving the sneakers will be able to use them for whatever they like — whether for sports or just to wear them every day.

This is the first year that Primetime 585 hosted the event and their mission is to motivate and inspire local students to feel good and give back to the community.

Partners like Christina Griffin, the employee engagement coordinator for Wegmans, were there to explain more about the message.

“At Wegmans, our value is making a difference. It’s making people feel special and today, we really get to love on and fully invest in the youth, in the school, and the students in Rochester today,” said Griffin. “That’s super exciting, makes us feel warm, and is right along with our values here at Wegmans.”

Earlier in the week, Primetime 585 and Wegmans gave 100 sneakers to students at School #22.