ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The Pittsford Library held their final event of their “Living the Dream” educational series Saturday. The series teaches kids about Dr. Martin Luther King’s legacy and the fight for racial equality.

Former Town of Pittsford Board member Kevin Spencer Beckford is the creator of Living the Dream, as well as the Senior Vice President of Gryt Health.

Beckford said he felt it was especially necessary to turn to doctor King’s message about love following the release of the graphic Tyre Nichols video, depicting Nichols last moments before the police-inflicted injuries that would cost him his life.

He said they listened to a video of King to begin the event, saying it helped him teach the kids how to deal with the emotions that surface after these tragedies in an age appropriate way.

“What we did today was that to start off the event, we came here early and we played that on a loop so when people came in, they were hearing the soothing voice of Dr. King saying how important it was for him when he was dealing with all the horrific things he dealt with back in the 60s, and how he was able to use love to overcome those emotions.”

Beckford said in its over 200-year history, he was the first African-American to serve on the Pittsford town board.