PITTSFORD, N.Y. (WROC) — Even with so much to offer spectators at the Oak Hill country club, downtown Pittsford businesses are also seeing a rise in foot traffic of golf fans as they do their part to show off what their community offers with shopping, tasty food, and sightseeing. 

Those who live and work in Pittsford want to show PGA visitors there’s always something to do in their town from trying out unique local drinks and meals, to boating on the Erie Canal. That’s why this week, businesses are extending their hours and services to make the best of PGA Championship week.  

At Aladdin’s Natural Eatery in the heart of the Village of Pittsford, Theresa Broderick the General Manager geared up for the third PGA Championship to come to town since they’ve been in business. To get through this week, it will be all hands on deck.  

“My college kids are all trickling back in, so we love them,” Broderick said. “Because they come back in May and work until August giving us 100%. Then my full-time staff that’s here in the winter is going to probably be here from open to close like most of us.”  

While everyone enjoys a nice meal, Robyn Lasser opened her boutique next to the canal, despite usually being closed on Monday. sed on Monday. So, she can get ahead in attracting golf fans with unique PGA-themed clothes.  

“We have some visors, some golf-inspired jewelry, some golf t-shirts,” Lasser told us. “We’re also a part of the passport for the PGA so if you have one it’s 15% off in the store.”  

Meanwhile, on the Erie Canal, the Sam Patch Cruises have increased to five tours per day giving spectators a chance to see this historic trade route and learn about how it grew as the communities developed 

“How the Lock was built and some of the history of the Erie Canal and some of the hardships some people have to go through building the Erie Canal,” Capt. Kirk Stamp explained. “How they build locks in the old days without all the modern conveniences and just seeing some stuff of Rochester like right here we have the grain elevator.” 

With all this within driving and walking distance of Oak Hill Country Club, first and longtime PGA fans know they won’t be bored while visiting all week.  

“I had no idea how a lock worked so if it had been a regular boat ride, maybe not so exciting but it was really interesting,” Greg Anderson of Nebraska said. “I might be an idiot, but I had no idea how that stuff worked so it was fun and we’re doing other things too.”  

“I definitely got more into golf after the PGA was here in 2013,” Chris Perna added. “So, once they announced it a few years after that I was working as a bag boy at Oak Hill Country Club, so it was really cool to know the major championships were coming back here. I was looking forward to it.”  

And as you walk around some businesses in Pittsford, be on the lookout for these passport-looking pamphlets which inside have multiple deals and discounts for eating and shopping around town.