PITTSFORD, N.Y. (WROC) — The Village of Pittsford is bound to see heavy vehicle and foot traffic next month with the PGA and later in the summer with the Buffalo Bills’ training camp.

Joe Leathersich with the New York State Department of Transportation says in the village, the DOT has invested over $10 million dollars over the past few years via some projects. 

“One —rehabbing the bridge we’re standing on right now, rehabbing the roadway right through the heart of the village, and the Route 31 bridge in the other part of the village,” he said.

And to be clear, he said this was not done for the PGA or the training camp —but the timing is nice. “We wanted to make sure we had the project all buttoned up before the PGA tournament,” he said.

Joe Leathersich with the New York State Department of Transportation

The Route 96 bridge over the Erie Canal has brand-new sidewalks, new bridge decks, and fresh guide rails. There are also some pedestrian enhancements, like rectangular rapid flashing beacons at the crosswalk just down the road.

“Those are the flashing lights that let drivers know a pedestrian is trying to cross the roadway,” he said.

And a new ‘pedestrian refuge median.’ Fancy name —but you get the idea. With all these upgrades, surely the village is set and ready. 

“We’re good to go,” said Mayor Alysa Plummer.

Plummer said it was tough for a while with all the work, but it’s worth it, in particular for those on foot. “And that’s wonderful to make crossing safer at the different parts of our village that have never been safe before,” she said.

Village of Pittsford Mayor Alysa Plummer

All of this no doubt will lead to a boon in business. Benjamin Horvath walking along the canal said post-pandemic, it’s about time. 

“It’ll be great to see all the restaurants and all the walkways getting lots of people again,” he said.

Plummer says brace yourselves. Pittsford is going to see a surge. “Oh, it’s a big number. Thousands. Thousands, really during the events,” she said.

The PGA begins on May 15th and News 8 will be there for all the coverage.