ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The PGA Championship may be over, but those who play and hang around Oak Hill will be seeing PGA of America crews still around for a while because the cleanup is far from done.

It’s hard to believe that all these big PGA of America tents and trailers are just temporary facilities, but their structure is all meant to be broken down into thousands of pieces of equipment then moved across the country for the next championship. 

All over the course at Oak Hill, PGA of America Crews and those who contract with CBS Sports are racing to get the greens open again for local members.  

“What goes up must come down so obviously the three month build that we had to get everything up takes about six to eight weeks to come down when all is said and done,” PGA Championship Operations Manager Eric Nuxol said. “And we’ve got roughly 75 to 100 workers out here depending on the day.”

Paul Weeks oversees one company who follows the PGA Tour and other major golf events all over the country. Their duties consist of setting up and taking down every TV tower and video boards for the fans to keep up with the score. 

“There were probably about 45 full size camera towers, maybe about a dozen much smaller ones,” Drafting Engineer for Scaffolding Towers of America Paul Weeks said. “About five to six video boards and as well as three flying camera towers we’re in charge of.”

To get the job done, Leaders with PGA of America must prioritize and schedule what’s the most important to take down and clean up first do business can resume at Oak Hill Country Club. 

“We had a couple player bridges and other areas to start. If it’s directly impacting the golf operations for Oak Hill, we try to focus on that,” Nuxol said. “We work with multiple vendors that need to get their stuff out there so we kind of work from the outside in. The bleachers are sometimes the last things to go.”

This is a never-ending process all season long. Once crews in the field pack everything up, it’s moved out to a new course. 

“Tomorrow I’m going to Toronto for the RBC Canadian Open but after that will be back to finish taking it all down and then move on to Connecticut,” Weeks said.

PGA of America leaders believe by Saturday, the course should open back up for members of the Oak Hill Country club to hit the course again so things can get back to normal. But they want everyone to be mindful of crews and equipment in the parking lot and moving around through the next month.