PITTSFORD, N.Y. (WROC) — In just over a year, the eyes of the golf world will be back on Oak Hill Country Club as the site of the 2023 PGA Championship.

The lengthy runup to the tournament kicked off on Tuesday with a media briefing, the first official event of the championship.

Championship Director Barry Deach and General Chairman Ron Pluta met with the media highlighting all of the new features of next year’s event as well as a reminder that has echoed over the past few months.

Don’t wait Rochester, get in line for tickets now.

Ticket buys from outside of the area have been greater than expected, which could leave local golf fans in the cold.

“We’re putting the warning out locally to say don’t let the registration get by you. Even if it’s some of our early rounds, or some of our earlier days, Monday, our opening day,” said Deach. “Those are extraordinary days to come out. They’re greatly valued and you get to watch all of it on television on the days that you’re not there but you get to have that experience of being there.”

You can sign up for the ticket registry online until Sunday, June 5th.

The anticipation is building to let the world’s top golfers experience the restored course, with Oak Hill finally playing true to the original Donald Ross design.

The restoration involved the removal of plenty of trees on the course, which provides new viewpoints for people to watch the championship as well as additional buzz around the course.

“The roars will travel quicker and faster, so that will be fun, in addition to all the video boards that we’ll have,” said Deach. “You combine video boards with scoring, plus people having their phones, plus they’re hearing the roars of what’s happening, it will be more interactive that way.”

There’s also plenty of excitement about some of the new features that are being rolled out for this year’s event.

That includes ride-sharing that wasn’t around in 2013 as well as new concessions features that should make the fan experience more enjoyable.

“In 2013 you would have gone up to a concession booth and bought your hot dog, your hamburger, got your coke, and then went back and stood at the rope and watched golf and ate,” said Pluta. “Now we have marketplaces where you’re going to be able to sit down at a table and chairs, with an umbrella, have a big screen TV and then watch live golf in front of you or also watch it also on television. I think that the general public spectator is going to find this a fascinating change.”

The world’s best golfers will descend on Oak Hill Country Club from May 15-21, 2023.