With only days left before the PGA Championship begins, no one has a job more hectic than Eric Nuxol.

As operations manager for the 2023 PGA Championship, Nuxol’s job is to take all the contractors, vendors, work staff and 18-wheelers full of stuff and turn it into the pristine major championship venue fans expect.

Nuxol sat down with WROC-TV sports director Thad Brown to discuss how all those moving parts come together, how the set-up experiment in 2023 may prove promising for Rochester’s future major chances and how the answer to bigger and better is looking up.

Among the topics covered:

0:35 The allure is bringing the puzzle together

2:20 Getting better is getting done sooner

4:20 Finding ways to make an ever-expanding Championship fit

5:30 Exciting to be part of the fall build-out, something never before tried

6:30 “We set the blueprint” for future northern PGA Championships

7:30 What the last “hectic” week is like before the Championship begins

9:00 Thankful the calvary arrives for Championship week

11:30 The hope: fans want to keep coming to PGA Championships

12:00 Want to give the course back to members as soon as possible after a champ is crowned