Curtis Strange is a former Oak Hill champion. He took the 1989 U.S. Open in Rochester to become one of six players that won back to back U.S. Open titles. (Brooks Koepka has since made it seven).

Strange will return to the East Course for the PGA Championship as an analyst for ESPN. He’s looking forward to seeing the course changes at Oak Hill, a venue he respects as a “tough” challenge.

WROC-TV sports director Thad Brown joined Strange on a Zoom call to discuss the course, the players to watch and how much angst the LIV Tour/PGA Tour friction might cause during the PGA Championship.

Topics include:

1:15 Strange, of course, prefers his U.S. Open memories at Oak Hill over the Ryder Cup

3:05 Less trees might be an issue because thick rough prevents balls from getting to trees

5:10 What does the golf world think of Rochester and Oak Hill

5:45 What Strange is most interested in for the Championship

6:45 How players might react to Oak Hill in May

8:00 Players practice habits now are much different than Strange’s era

9:00 Who’s the favorite at Oak Hill?

10:15 Most LIV Tour and PGA Tour players are still friends–they’ll get along fine

12:00 LIV Tour has not succeeded enough to replace the stage of traditional events

13:30 Will a LIV winner at a major change anything?

14:45 Could Jon Rahm become the next elite star of golf

15:45 Let Oak Hill be the star

16:30 Do players… or broadcasters… ever get to see the host city