PITTSFORD, N.Y. (WROC) — The PGA Championship week has begun, and crowds started to form at Oak Hill Country Club at 8 a.m.

Fans were waiting to get autographs from their favorite players.

Experienced autograph seekers will recommend three things to have — a flag or poster, a sharpie, and patience.

A few lucky fans were successful in getting attention from the professionals Monday. Father and son duo, Kyle Papworth and Grey Papworth were on a road-trip from Michigan. This was the first time they’ve received an autograph from a golf major.

“It’s fun,” Kyle said. “I am surprised by how many people are here already. first time at a major, didn’t know what to expect.”

They add that it’s all about looking for entrances, where the players would come in from.

Other, like 11-year-old Blake Piatt, said the key is to be noticed.

“Hold up a sign on the fence so they could sign it,” Piatt said.

Fans say the best time to get an autograph is during the practice rounds, that go through until Wednesday. They say that the environment is more relaxed, and the players can spend some more time to visit with fans.

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