ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — With over 200,000 people attending the PGA Championship at Oak Hill, many of those people are going to be seeking out food and beverages throughout the day.

Those who have Championship+ passes will be able to have food included on their ticket. News 8’s Katrina Irwin was down at the First Team Market and spoke with the chefs and officials from Patina Restaurant Group about the many options for guests.

Preparations for food and beverages began over a year ago. Ed Milan, the executive chef of Patina Restaurant Group, explains that not only did they have to bring in food from around the world, but they also came to Rochester to get a feel for what the local cuisine is.

“We’ll be using over 200 pounds of cheese from Muranda Cheese Company.,” said Milan. “Lots and lots of candies from Watson’s — especially sponge candy, that’s a local favorite — and I want to say we are somewhere around 18,000 Zweigles white hots we’ll be serving on campus during the course of the week.”

Patina by the numbers

  • 78,000 burgers
  • 66,000 hot dogs
  • 42,000 Italian sausage
  • 45,000 chicken sandwiches
  • 7,500 Wegmans donuts
  • 162,000 bags of chips
  • 45,000 souvenir cups

There is a lot of food available — hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, donuts, even garbage plates — all expected to be eaten at Oak Hill. Milan also said that they had fish flown in from Japan to make sushi.

In terms of alcoholic beverages, General Manager Eric Babcook said that they are prepared and that they tapped a local brewery to get involved.

“We’ll go through 312,000 beers during the week, 5,000 bottles of titos, 3500 bottles of bourbon, 180,000 bags of chips,” said Babcook. “We worked with Resurgence Brewery out of Buffalo, NY to come up with a specialty beer for the PGA Championship.”

There are also several souvenir cups that these specialty drinks are served in. There are also seven different on-course concession markets, nine bars, and many chalets and suits containing foods.

Those who are Club PGA or PGA Premier Hospitality ticket holders will be able to get food and drinks within their venue.

For a full look at all the breakfast, lunch, and beverage items — including alcoholic options — you can visit the food and beverage experience guide on the PGA’s website.

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