ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Helping kids with cancer — be kids. That’s the motto of ‘Camp Good Days’ an organization that gives children struggling with cancer the chance to live out their dreams. Monday morning at Oak Hill one young man got the chance to meet players and get treated like a VIP.

Jack Harrison is 11 years old and crazy about golf. Today he got the chance to meet some of the players in a tucked away lounge room and get a private lesson. He also arrived in a VIP limo.

“Today was just an amazing day,” he said.

This was all done with the PGA teaming up with Camp Good Days. Jack has a brain tumor—- This dream of his granted to make his fight a bit easier.

“We watched a couple of players — Roy Mcllroy, John Rham,” he said.

Gary Mervis founded Camp Good Days 43 years ago — after his own daughter suffered from cancer.

“It was during that time that I realized Teddi’s toughest battle wasn’t the treatment, it was the loneliness,” he said.

He said Camp Good Days have left positive memories when these young kids are often at their lowest.

“We’re helping to provide this young man with an experience he —and they— are going to carry for all their lives,” said Mervis.

Jack sang the praises of Camp Good Days.

“It’s … amazing. I can’t tell you how much I love it.” He said.

Jack now leaving Oak Hill with memories that will last a lifetime.

“Just everything — basically. It’s so amazing. And yeah I’ll cherish everything forever,” he said.

Jack wanted to send a special shout out to one of his teachers — Mr. Bowden. He said along with his family — they all have such been a comfort while he goes through this stage of his life.

Camp Good Days has served more than 50,000 campers from 22 states and 36 foreign countries.