PITTSFORD, N.Y. (WROC) — While we still may be in the dead of winter, it’s officially golf season in Rochester this year.

Saturday, February 4th marks 100 days from the start of PGA Championship Week.

It’s a stretch Championship director Bryan Karns calls a sprint to the finish.

“We spend a lot of time trying to be creative trying to build on what we did in 2013 and 2019 and bring new experiences and opportunities for spectators, corporate clients, and volunteers,” said Karns. “But now is when that’s kind of over. We’re all in and it’s just time to get it done.”

The fall construction of the championship finished in December ahead of schedule, in part due to the lack of snow in Rochester. Though even if this mild winter continues, there are no plans to accelerate the spring build.

“We’re not moving up our timeline because I think we don’t need to. And so much of what we do is so scheduled out,” said Karns. “From the flooring to the HVAC, everything is coming in behind one another. So it’s difficult to start anything early, but obviously, our eyes are on what’s going on out there. I think our vendors are prepped and as soon as it’s sort of go-time, which is the end of February, it’ll be full go.”

In the past with an August championship, players would often come to Rochester for a course preview.

Even with most of those 100 days being cold ones, player traffic is still expected.

“I think in April you’ll see guys here post-Masters. They’ll pop up here. A lot of them can travel on a private jet. They can just pop up here,” said Karns. “I think there’s absolutely going to be some. The weather could play a role in that if it’s 50 degrees. I think the caddies, the players will come up here. They’ll want to see it. It’s a major championship first and foremost. They’re going to put their best foot forward. For a lot of them, they need to re-visit the golf course.”

With Friday through Sunday tickets already sold out and limited tickets left for Thursday, the championship is more in celebration mode than sales, getting the community excited for the event. That will begin Friday, February 17th at the Amerks game, starting a tour of the Wanamaker Trophy around town.