Responsible Pet Owners Month: Happy Tails gives pet owner Tips


ONTARIO, N.Y. (WROC) — February is responsible pet owners month and local animal advocates have tips on how you can take good care of your furry friends.

For some of us who grew up with pets, consider them as one of our family members. Happy Tails Animal Shelter is dedicated to dog and cat safety.

They work to teach current and future pet owners on how to properly treat and care for animals. A few tips include:

  • Spay and neuter your pet
  • Always keep an id tag on your pet
  • Give them the exercise they need

They’re also getting the word out because they want to reduce the amount of animal abuse cases in our area. Bottom line, officials at the shelter say treat pets as if you would want to be treated.

“We see enough animal cruelty cases, where they’re not taking care of, they’re not given the opportunity to be a part of the family and is hurtful to see these animals come in the way they do with the mental emotional stress and emotional and  physical things that happened to them and try to get them where they can be adoptable again,” said Dianne Faas, Happy Trails shelter manager. “Whether it be an animal that is lacking a skin condition, or you see them getting hit or verbally abused, they’re chained outside with no food or water or connection to a human.” 

What should pet owners think about during the cold winter season?

Some pets such as dogs, may enjoy a bit of the wintry weather but Happy Tails says not all of them. Especially if there’s a wind chill, it can be very uncomfortable for a pet.

“If it’s a quiet day, just a little chill and you have a heavy coated dog like the husky, they’ll probably be comfortable outside for a little while. If it’s a short hair like the lab, probably shouldn’t be out as long, watch for those signs where they want to come in,” said Faas. 

Another recommendation is pet proofing your home. Faas said, if your home is safe for a young child then you’re probably okay for a pet.

“Dogs can pick up a lot of things and eat them — just out of curiosity. That could lead to a surgery for an obstruction possibly. To avoid that, pick up small items,” said Faas. 

Experts say inside cats live a longer and a healthier life than outdoor cats. Because being outside cats can face dozens of dangers, including cars  and exposure to fleas, ticks, worms, as well as diseases. 

Click here for more information on Happy Tails Animal Shelter.

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