ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Lollypop Farm launched a tool to help people find their lost pets or report a pet they’ve found and help return it to its owner. The new tool is called “Lost to Found.”

“It’s really meant to help people go through those steps to help them find their pet or reunite a pet they may have found with its family. We know how stressful and how challenging that time is,” said Ashley Zeh, the communications director at Lollypop.

If you’ve lost or found a pet you can text 1-844-LPF-LOST. You’ll be asked to specify lost or found then fill out a lost pet report.

“Hour by hour you’ll get other things like, ‘have you checked in with other shelters in the area,’ pets can travel. ‘Have you gone through steps to check if your microchip is up to date?'”

The texts are automated, but if you have a question you can text back and a Lollypop employee will respond. Zeh said even if the pet and family aren’t reunited right away, that doesn’t mean hope is lost.

“Only about 2% of cats who are not microchipped and about 22% of dogs who are not microchipped find their way back home,” she said. “If we can find that family that already cares for them that would be the ideal world because pets are family and we want to make sure we’re keeping them together.”

They will also post the lost pet on the Lollypop Spotters page which includes people in the community who help find pet owners.