FAIRPORT, N.Y (WROC) — Lollypop Farm started the day with almost 2,000 animals in its care, but that number significantly dropped after hosting a massive adoption event Monday.

As the humane society of Greater Rochester was nearing its capacity to shelter animals, it temporarily waived its adoption fees to ensure every prospective pet can find a new home.

For the Marion family, a new cat was needed in the home. They did their part freeing up space at Lollypop by adopting Keke, in an effort to teach their daughters responsibility through pet ownership.

“It’s more responsibility on them,” mother Argia Marion said. “It will show them how to take responsibility to take care of a living breathing animal.”  

According to representatives from the farm, Lollypop puts on these types of events as necessary, usually during the warmer months. As the weather heats up, the shelter tends to see an influx of animals.

“In this case, we made the determination we still have a lot of pets that need to come in and are in need of specialized care,” Ashley Zeh, Lollypop Farm Director of Communications and Events, said. “Making sure we’re still able to meet the needs of the community. So, we’re still seeing an influx of pets coming into the shelter and making sure we have room in foster care and within the shelter with condos.”

The City of Rochester Animal Services Center appears to be facing similar challenges. In a statement, they said “The city’s animal services center is again operating beyond its physical capacity for dogs. There are currently 65 dogs and 64 cats in our care, half in the shelter, half in foster care.”

They have yet to announce any kind of special adoption event, and have not seen the numbers drop the way Lollypop Farms has.

“We had people waiting to come in an hour before we opened,” Zeh added. “So, it’s just so exciting to see this many people interested in bringing home a pet and opening their hearts to a pet in need.” 

The event did not include any farm animals and only went on for the day.

Staff with Lollypop Farm add most of the small animals seized from the World of Wildlife Educational Encounters earlier this year have been adopted into new homes.