PERINTON, N.Y. (WROC) — The Perinton community, where fallen RPD officer Anthony Mazurkiewicz and his family lived, is seeing an outpouring of support in the wake of his death.

Blue ribbons line the light posts just outside of Perinton Town Hall, and throughout the streets of Fairport, and are only continuing to expand.

Town Supervisor Ciaran Hanna says the entire community is still in a state of grief. There are plans, looking ahead, to ensure Officer Mazurkiewicz’s legacy lives on.

“This community — I’ve seen it time and time again,” he said. “They come through when people really need them.”

Hanna says he knew Mazurkiewicz due to his family being heavily involved within the town, particularly in youth sports. The news of his death is still being fully realized.

“Friday there was a lot of shock and we’re kind of working through that,” Hanna said. “We’re trying to be supportive of Lynn and her family. And, right now, our main focus is supporting them and getting them through this.”

“The ribbons immediately came out, blue lights were sold out all over so you could see it immediately. You could see it through the Village of Fairport, through the Town, people tying blue ribbons around their trees,” Hanna describes.

The Town of Perinton is already receiving an outpouring of inquiries from community organizations, businesses and residents, alike, asking for how they can help. They say that will come in due time.

“We’re going to put together a committee so that we can come up with an appropriate memorial for Tony and his service to our community, and we’ll work with the family through that… they were so involved in the community there’s going to be so many options to do. We just want to do the most appropriate one,” Hanna explains.

RPD is also awarding Officer Mazurkiewicz a posthumous Medal of Valor and Purple Heart for his service.

Following an influx of requests to donate in support of Officer Mazurkiewicz, RPD and the Locust Club released a set of recommendations for those looking to help out:

  • Online: Visit Rochester Locust Club website,, and clicking on their donation link.
  • In-Person: Visit any Canandaigua National Bank Branch and donate to Rochester Police Locust Club FBO Anthony Mazurkiewicz
  • By mail: Checks should be made out to Rochester Police Locust Club FBO Anthony Mazurkiewicz and mailed to Rochester Police Locust Club, 1425 Lexington Avenue, Rochester, NY 14606