PERINTON, N.Y. (WROC) — Perinton residents say about 20 dead ash trees on town property are posing a threat to their safety.

After Friday’s weather event and a massive tree coming down onto backyards, they are renewing calls for the town to act, before someone gets hurt.

Behind a row of homes on Galley Hill Lane is a town park where residents say there are about 15-20 dead ash trees that break apart and continue to fall. One of those residents, Jeff Carlton, was sitting in his backyard when a massive tree came down Friday. 

“I’ve had four trees fall on the wires, and this is the first one where the town said they’ll come and clean it up,” says Carlton.

Neighbor Joe Anania says this has been going on for about two years, with the electric company coming too often to fix downed lines. 

“It’s amazing; that tree is heavy. That’s huge. And we’ve had trees coming down constantly,” Anania said.

Dead tree on Carlton’s property

Neighbor Steven Baldwin says above all, this is a safety concern. 

“We’re out in our backyards. We have grandchildren [who] come over … and honestly, I can’t let them go in the backyard,” he said.

Perinton Supervisor Ciaran Hanna says the woods are just one part of the town’s 2,000 acres of open spaces and parks. He says the town has met with residents and the electric company. 

“We’re in the process of working this through with Fairport Electric, identifying trees that pose a risk to the power lines back there,” he said.

Hanna says the town is working with contractors now to identify dead trees and get them out. He says there are so many ash trees dying at the same time, it’s a challenge. 

“We’ve already taken out hundreds and hundreds of ash trees,” says Hanna.

Carlton says it’s past time to take action, adding that just a stiff breeze could knock more of these over. 

“I was sitting there this morning and was looking at all these trees swaying back and forth trying to figure out which one will go next,” he said.

If you have a similar situation with dead ash trees on town property, you are encouraged to reach out to the Town of Perinton.

Anania, Carlton, and Baldwin show News 8 around their properties