ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — A Bay Trail Middle School student was arrested Wednesday, after allegedly bringing a realistic replica gun to school.

According to the Penfield Central School District, a student told a teacher that they saw another student with a toy gun Wednesday morning. The teacher told an administrator, and the student was taken out of class.

The principal says the replica gun was found in the 13-year-old student’s backpack and that the students were showing it off as a joke. Administrators say the student got the gun from a 14-year-old student, and had been “displaying it to others.”

Photo of replica handgun allegedly brought to Bay Trail Middle School on February 8 (provided by MCSO)

According to a statement from the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, the student pointed the realistic replica handgun down a crowded hallway.

“We can only imagine the fear this instilled in students who were in that hallway,” the MCSO said. “We take these matters seriously and investigate them thoroughly.”

The MCSO ticketed the 13-year-old student for menacing. An investigation into the 14-year-old student is in progress. The district says both students involved will be disciplined under its code of conduct.

Bay Trail Principal Robert Snyder sent an email to parents, saying in part:

“We are proud of the student who reported this concern and continue to encourage our students that if they see something, say something.”

Superintendent Thomas Putnam also sent a letter out to families, saying that the district will be fully cooperating with the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office during the investigation.

Full statement from Penfield Central School District

The Penfield Central School District takes the safety and security of its students and staff very seriously, and thoroughly investigates any and all reports regarding safety concerns. This morning, a Bay Trail Middle School student reported to a teacher that they had seen another student with what appeared to be a toy gun. The teacher immediately notified an administrator and the student was immediately removed from class.

A subsequent search revealed a replica gun in the student’s backpack. Further investigation revealed that the student had received the replica gun from another student and was displaying it to others. At no time was anyone in danger.

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office was called and the district cooperated fully with their investigation. Based on their investigation, the MCSO has issued an appearance ticket for menacing to one of the students involved. In terms of the school district, both students will receive consequences in accordance with our District Code of Conduct.

“We are proud of the student who reported this concern and continue to encourage our students that if they see something, say something,” said Superintendent Thomas Putnam. “We are grateful for our partnership with the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office and to everyone who responded quickly to this incident to ensure the safety of our students and staff,” he added.