PENFIELD, N.Y. (WROC) — A new project proposed for the Town of Penfield has some folks excited, and others raising concerns. The ‘Arbors at Penfield’ plans to be a massive, four-year, mixed-use development on the corner of Route 250 and Atlantic Avenue, currently a 73-acre field.

Christopher Tanea with the Town of Penfield says the ‘Arbors’ project’s goal is to make a community. “(To) create a village-like feel and a walkable environment,” he said.

Proposed are 42,000 feet of commercial space, and about 750 living spaces. “…units ranging from a one-bedroom on to townhomes and single-family homes throughout the project,” he said.

Tanea said this project goes back to 2010 when it was determined Penfield needed more diverse living quarters with a population leaning older. Tanea says this will allow aging folks the option to perhaps– sell their big homes– and move to ‘Arbors’.

“So what this does is bring some more housing options,” he said, adding it could really be a choice for any age demographic.

Tanea said they are very cognisant of the already busy roadway. Since Route 250 and Atlantic Avenue are state roads, he says the state will have to weigh in. Tanea said they are being proactive and advocating for improvements (One man tied to the project told News 8 they will be widening the roads).

“This will not impact traffic as some people may be concerned about,” said Tanea.

Penfield residents have expressed concerns about increased traffic

Jesse Dumar lives near the site and said while this seems nice on paper, it will take a toll on the surrounding area. On top of traffic issues, he sees another problem: non-vehicular travel. “Nobody’s talking about the number of runners, bikers, things like that,” said Dumar.

Richard Commisso also lives nearby. “Slow down on the darn building,” he said.

Commisso said ‘Arbors’ will further erode the countryside. “This (area) was supposed to be a buffer zone for agriculture on this side. And the agriculture on that side is gone now.”

Tanea said as a town, they are for “responsible building” with the development team. “We do go out, inspect the project and ensure they are meeting standards, whether that’s environmental or traffic impacts.”

The next steps are still being discussed. The Town Planning Board will be meeting again on October 27th. The public hearing sessions have already passed, but the town says they welcome any feedback from residents via email or US Post.

‘Arbors at Penfield’ map of proposed project area, Phase II