PENFIELD, N.Y. (WROC) — Empire Boulevard in Penfield is drawing some concerns from residents who say there are one too many streetlights out on the roadway from roughly Irondequoit Creek to Abraham Lincoln Park.

“In terms of how many lights were talking about, I believe it is in the 15 to 20 light range,” said Chris Tenea with the Town of Penfield. He told News 8 they are aware roughly about that number are “malfunctioning”. 

“We’ve been aware of the issue, it’s something that unfortunately has been occurring for some period of time,” he said.

But some say for too long. Mark DeSantis of the South Bay Bar and Grill (just on the town line) says after sundown, deer are a major problem, crossing to and from Lucien Morin Park

“It’s a little bit dangerous. If they could light it up a little bit better it would be very, very nice,” said DeSantis.

Both Robin Foster and Donna Makauskas said when they leave their shifts, it’s a cause for concern. 

“It is a big problem, yes it is. Yup,” said Foster.

“It’s dark. There are people pulling out everywhere. It would just be nice to have some nice definition along the roadway,” said Makauskas.

Tanea said a contractor is currently replacing lights throughout Penfield, the lights on Empire included. But he said the town is up against two factors: “The challenges we’ve encountered with shortages in materials, and also the labor,” said Tanea.

Tanea said eventually all streetlights in Penfield are getting upgraded to LED lighting — the project is out for bid. 

“Once those contracts are finalized, we will begin replacing all lights throughout the town and upgrading them to LED,” said Tanea.

When those LED upgrades take place, that means some 850 lights total in the town will get replaced. That project is separate from getting the lights fixed on Empire, which they hope to have finished soon.

While Empire is technically a State Roadway (Route 404), the town said they took ownership of the street lights that are on it “some time ago”.