PENFIELD, N.Y. (WROC) — For children in the foster care system, life is notoriously tumultuous. Kids with behavior issues in particular struggle to stay in homes and find a community.

To help children succeed outside the traditional foster care system, a new Foster Care Stabilization Center opened Tuesday under the guidance of Children’s Home of Wyoming Conference.

It’s located in Penfield and can accommodate up to 18, providing medical, behavioral, and educational support to help stabilize the behavior of troubled Monroe county youth in the system.

The center’s grand opening was announced by Monroe County Executive Adam Bello Wednesday, who said the needs of at-risk children are first priority.

“No child should be left without a home,” Bello said. “This Foster Care Stabilization Center will provide a safe space and short-term support services to help stabilize a youth’s behavior to better ensure a successful foster care placement.”

Support services will accommodate youth ages 10 to 17-years-old, according to officials.

Children’s Home runs an array of programs throughout New York State, all with an emphasis on permanence and keeping kids connected to families and communities.

When possible, they work to find appropriate long-term placements.

The program is licensed and monitored by the New York State Office of Children and Family Services in
Rochester, with additional monitoring from the Monroe County Department of Human Services.