April 01 2023 06:00 pm

WEBSTER, NY – (WROC) – Some parents in Webster are not too happy about their kids’ new school schedule. The Webster Central School District changed what time kids start their day.

“That one hour time change has been a huge impact for a lot of families,” said Laura Barbato, a parent. “A lot of people were done paying for daycare and now here we are paying for daycare once again.”

Elementary students now start at 7:45 am. Middle and high school students start closer to 9 am. A move that Barbato says isn’t working for her family.

“At night we feel very rushed as a family,” said Barbato. “The morning we feel rushed as a family. A couple of my kids have gotten sick. So they feel very much run down which I think is a lack of sleep.”

The Academy of Pediatrics recommend kids get nine to eleven hours of sleep. The district’s superintendent says that’s why the times were changed.

“We were trying to as best we could to meet everyone’s interest know that there was always going to be people who are going to be upset,” said Carmen Gumina, superintendent Webster Central School District.

But not all parents are upset with the time change. Umbreen Mustafa says her kids are doing better with the new times.

“The biggest advantage is having pleasant kids,” said Mustafa. I believe they are getting better rest. They are able to get their homework done with a clearer head. I see that.”

Although he knows the school year has just begun Gumina says he is already seeing some positive results.

“When we look at our attendance data it is up,” said Gumina. Our tardy data is down, our referral rate is down, and our suspension data is down.”

For the parents who are still upset about the new start times Gamina says his door is always open.

“I know there are still concerns,” said Gamina. I urge them to email me or call my office. I am happy to sit down with them.”

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