ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — A recent study by Offers.Bet analyzed which cities in the United States are most obsessed with pickleball — with Rochester ranking at number 15.

The study says nearly one in six Americans play pickleball, with more than one in three planning to try the sport in 2023. They add that 77% of people feel pickleball is a sport for both “the old and the young.”

Many places in Rochester offer ways to play pickleball for both seasoned professionals, as well as those who are just starting out.

East Rochester’s Dinker’s Pickleball Center Owner Stefanie Powell says the sport is similar to badminton, ping pong, and tennis.

“It’s a core game,” Powell said. “It’s unique. It has a two-bounce rule, and a kitchen rule.”

Dinker’s says they are gearing up to provide instructional classes for those who are new to Pickleball, as well as for advanced players.

The facility says they are also setting up new camps and clinics this summer for non-hearing and hearing players as well.

Powell says the reason pickleball is such a favored sport is because of how inclusive it is.

“You can get all sorts of ages on a group together and gender,” Powell said. “The non-volley zone really neutralizes the game as far as male and female in a court. You could have a 20-year-old with a 70-year-old.”

Powell also emphasized how the players of the sport have gone further than just the game. She says people can come by themselves and still enjoy what pickleball has to offer.

“It’s one of the best social sports right now,” Powell said. “Even if you don’t have somebody to play with, we have a lot of drop ins where you are going to find people to play with. Eventually, a lot of these people here that didn’t have a social activity like that are going on vacations together now.”

To add to Dinker’s dedication to pickleball, they also offer a full range of products to get people’s journey started.

“We have paddles. We have everything for pickleball to get you going from top instruction, shoes, paddle gear,” Powell said. “We have a great demo program that if you’re here, you can demo any paddles before you buy, so that you don’t buy the wrong paddles.”

For more information about instruction and times for gameplay, Dinker’s recommends visiting their website, or giving them a call at (585) 673-2006.

As the weather begins to warm, select parks in the area have court space that is equipped for pickleball:

  • Churchville Park
  • Ellison Park
  • Fellows Road Park
  • Spezio Park
  • New courts are expected to open at Black Creek Park as well as Mendon Ponds Park, the Monroe County Parks Department said they do not have an anticipated opening date at this time.

For indoor play, Henrietta Parks and Recreation on Calkins Road has four indoor courts for pickleball playing. At Martin Road Park, there are two tennis courts that are also marked for pickleball.

The facility says they are also in the process of remodeling the sports courts at the Veterans Memorial Park to be functional for playing. A representative for Henrietta Parks and Recreation says the courts will be paved in two weeks, and then the construction will continue for the next couple of months.

Henrietta Parks and Recreation also offers Open Pickleball for a small fee for non-members, residents, and non-residents on various days of the week. Lessons are also available for beginner and intermediate players. More information and registration can be found here.

For those with a dedicate group, Henrietta Parks and Recreation offers court rentals on Fridays.

In Pittsford, Thornell Farm Park — located next to the Pittsford Mendon High School — offer courts that are available on a first come, first serve basis when not reserved for Recreation Center events.

The town adds players can sign up as a group or come on their own. The Pittsford Recreation Center also offers pickleball groups for teens, young adults, and senior adults.

The Perinton Community Center offers indoor courts that are equipped for pickleball play. Check back for more information about what is offered at the center.

The Chili Community Center also offers a wide variety of pickleball activities through their open gym. Lessons include New to Pickleball, Beginner Pickleball, Intermediate Pickleball, and Advanced Pickleball. The schedule for these events is available on the center’s website.

For those who want to watch from the sidelines or see the sport in action, CBS is airing a “CBS Sports Spectacular,” highlighting “PPA Tour Pickleball: Newport Beach” on Saturday, April 22 starting at 1 p.m. EST.