NFL Draft: 2021 round one ‘mock’

NFL Draft

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Here’s how the first round of the NFL draft will really go…

  1. Jaguars–This pick has been obvious since about 2020 and yet, it’ll still be the biggest waste of ten minutes in pro football history.
  2. Jets–Will spend nine minutes, 50 seconds searching for a procedural error that will negate the Jags pick. And then Zach Wilson.
  3. 49ers–Mac Jones. Definitely. Maybe.
  4. Falcons–The real best player in this draft: Kyle Pitts. (Dynasty fantasy owners, you’ve been warned)
  5. Bengals–Whoever Joe Burrow wants.
  6. Dolphins–Someone to r̶e̶p̶l̶a̶c̶e̶ help Tua.
  7. Lions–Someone who will frustrate Lions fans because it’s not the first tight end. For once. (Three of the last ten first round tight ends have been selected by Detroit)
  8. Panthers–A quarterback because Sam Darnold, apparently, wronged the football gods in some past life.
  9. Broncos–Maybe with John Elway out, a quarterback that can play?
  10. Cowboys–A corner or every mock draft is wrong.
  11. Giants–Someone that’ll get GM Dave Gettleman second guessed for never trading down. (Hasn’t done it once in eight drafts as a GM).
  12. Eagles–Someone to help t̶h̶e̶ g̶u̶y̶ t̶h̶a̶t̶ r̶e̶p̶l̶a̶c̶e̶s̶ Jalen Hurts.
  13. Chargers–Whoever Justin Herbert wants.
  14. Vikings–For the eleventeenth year in a row, someone who will disappoint their fan base if they are not an offensive lineman.
  15. Patriots–Whoever Bill Belichick’s dog wants.
  16. Cardinals–Whoever J.J. Watt wants.
  17. Raiders–Someone that can stop somebody.
  18. Dolphins–Someone who will become Miami’s fifth 1st round pick in two years. It’s the fourth time that’s happened in the last eight drafts and the 10th time in NFL history.
  19. Washington–Someone who won’t be their worst 1st round pick ever. That would be Calvin Rossi. Washington picked him in round one of the 1946 draft, but found out later he was only a junior and ineligible to be drafted. They selected Rossi again in the first round of the 1947 draft, but he told the team he had no interest in pro football. Rossi never played a down in the NFL.
  20. Bears–Whoever Andy Dalton wants. Ok, not really.
  21. Colts–Someone that’ll work out just fine.
  22. Titans–The draft winner. AKA The only first round pick guaranteed to be better than the guy his team took last year.
  23. Jets–The contractually required pick that Jet fans must boo.
  24. Steelers–A defensive player (their last seven 1st round picks have been on D). Or Najee Harris.
  25. Jags–Whoever Trevor Lawrence wants.
  26. Browns–This is the lowest scheduled first round pick in Browns history (tied with 1995). Therefore, history says someone who will cause them to pick higher next year.
  27. Ravens–For the love of all that is holy. A receiver. Please.
  28. Saints–Someone that will make Bill Belichick laugh sadly because he’s living the future the Saints don’t realize is coming.
  29. Packers–Please let it be someone that irritates Aaron Rodgers.
  30. Bills–Someone who will be convinced to like blue cheese within hours. Emmanuel Sanders can help.
  31. Ravens–Another receiver. Seriously. While Lamar is still young.
  32. Bucs–Someone who won’t ever see the field because they’re running it back, baby!

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